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The only jobs I have truly been successful in have been found by Ed at Hourglass. I have kept in touch with Ed for the past 3-4 years and he has only found me the best Schools. Ed has gone above and beyond to make sure he only gets me the best Schools and the best outcomes for me. Ed knows his stuff in the teacher world, he communicates well, is very honest and has never let me down as a colleague. I no longer apply directly to Schools, I just tell Ed what I want and what I don't want and I leave it in his hands. He has never let me down. I am now happy in a school I took during the first lockdown. Ed said I wouldn't regret it and he was right! Hourglass have always picked me up when things have gone wrong in Schools for me. They are really upfront and honest. Hourglass as a whole first introduced me to teach science back in 2016 from PE and I have never looked back. As a company I would highly recommend. TES is no longer the site I look at for jobs.