New Zealand Teachers

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New Zealand teachers

It’s never been easier for New Zealand-trained teachers to come and work in the UK. 

For years, the Youth Mobility Visa has allowed NZ passport holders the opportunity to spend time in the UK. Changes made in June 2023 meant the age cap has now upped to 35 (rather than 31) and there’s an option to extend the 2-year visa by another year. 

This means you don’t have to commit to three years straight away – we challenge you not to go for it though. Most people find that two years isn’t enough! 

Fortunately, the cost of the Youth Mobility Visa remains the same: 

Application fee £259
Healthcare surcharge (£470 per year) £940
Total £1199

If you take advantage of the third year extension, there are further costs to consider: 

Application fee £259
Healthcare surcharge (£470 per year) £470
Total £729
Grand total for the full three years £1928

This will be implemented for Australians as of 31 January 2024 – UK Government website gives more information.

Recent opportunities

Types of roles we recruit overseas candidates for:

Long-term supply

Long-term supply provides a level of security without the teacher or the school committing indefinitely.

Permanent roles

The majority of the roles we work on are permanent teaching posts in secondary schools in the south east of England. 

Leadership roles

Ambition comes in all shapes and sizes. For some teachers, it’s all about the subject, but for others, moving up the career ladder means taking on management responsibilities.

Overseas teachers

Our role is to provide teachers with exactly what they need to relocate and thrive in the most exciting teaching opportunities in the UK.

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