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We are experts in education recruitment. By truly understanding our candidates and clients, locally and globally, we promise to help teachers and their schools achieve a lasting impact. 

Teachers are a mine of information and experience. Life in the classroom leads to excellent interpersonal and communication skills.

With a strong work ethic and passion and enthusiasm for improving student outcomes, we’re almost certain to be able to find exciting opportunities for you in English schools.

Teachers come to Hourglass from all over the world. We have a reputation for finding international school jobs. Our specialist recruiters can help teachers find teaching jobs abroad, and provide support with immigration rules and sponsorship applications. You can be sure that when you’re looking for teaching jobs overseas, Hourglass will be able to help.

Recent opportunities

Types of roles we recruit overseas candidates for:

Long-term supply

Long-term supply provides a level of security without the teacher or the school committing indefinitely.

Permanent roles

The majority of the roles we work on are permanent teaching posts in secondary schools in the south east of England. 

Leadership roles

Ambition comes in all shapes and sizes. For some teachers, it’s all about the subject, but for others, moving up the career ladder means taking on management responsibilities.

Overseas teachers

Our role is to provide teachers with exactly what they need to relocate and thrive in the most exciting teaching opportunities in the UK.

Hear from our teachers

If you are ever thinking about relocating, Hourglass is the top tier organisation of choice. 

My agent Claire ensured all I needed was at my fingertips, and my transition from Jamaica was smooth and effortless. All the necessary documents, interviews and places to be were suggested with hassle-free instructions. Thanks to Hourglass for making my transition to the UK a success and smooth one.

Excellent service overall.

My specific agent ensured I was comfortable and kept informed about everything taking place. It is obviously a team effort at Hourglass. Many agents contacted me at different phases to get specific things done – whether interviews, documents verification, visa details, and even relocation guidance. It was just an amazing experience to work with the Hourglass team, and I have already begun recommending this service to people back in Jamaica who are desirous of finding good jobs overseas without hassle.

I am truly grateful for the support that I have received from James and Ed over this past month. James was the first one to take my case, I appreciate him for believing in my potential and treating me with kindness and respect this whole time. I can’t believe that Ed found a suitable role for me in such short time and helped me find a place at a great school in UK. Their actions and advice were always in my best interest.

They were extremely courteous, approachable and informative. I can’t emphasise enough the professionalism they have shown as I moved over to the UK from India.

Hourglass is a first class recruitment agency which provided me with the requisite information at all stages of the recruitment process. The team worked efficiently to ensure that relocating from Jamaica  was simple and straightforward. James and Claire are experts in their roles and will always go the extra mile to ensure that their clients are truly satisfied.

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