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What to Consider When Recruiting From Overseas

Overseas recruitment is hotting up at Hourglass! Many of our client schools are already coming to us with their burning questions.

Rest, reflect and recharge this Summer

After a long year of planning lessons, teaching classes, and marking who knows how many assignments, the summer holidays have arrived and it’s time to relax.

Establishing your position as a senior leadership candidate

Published: 24/08/2023

What’s different about senior leadership candidates? Take a look at our best insider advice for senior leadership candidates.

The best things about Cambridgeshire

Published: 24/08/2023

There’s a rumour that Cambridgeshire can get a bit nippy in the winter months.

A foodie’s guide to London

Published: 24/08/2023

London has to be a foodie’s dream! Being the capital of England there is so much food to try that there’s bound to be something for everyone. 

Three easy ways to help your anxiety

Published: 24/08/2023

Unfortunately many people report feelings of anxiety. Lots of things can affect your wellbeing, including pressures at work, personal life and the whole range of life events. The rising cost of living has also added to daily stress as people worry about not being able to meet their basic needs.

Looking for your perfect teaching role?

Published: 06/07/2023

As recruitment consultants in a leading education recruitment agency, we’re used to seeing teachers carrying a heavy workload. In our experience, they work hard as they try to give everyone the best outcomes possible.