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My mom would always say give credit where it is due. Honestly, this agency deserves an award! My consultant, Ed Hyland has been informative, friendly, supportive and knowledgeable from the beginning. I am now proud to say that I successfully obtained my visa and BRP, and have settled in quite nicely to my new role. I can be said to be a chatter box, but there was always someone at Hourglass to answer my questions, and support me as a newcomer. Everyone at the school has been incredibly helpful, super nice and supportive and I honestly don't think I could've been matched with a better school. I want to thank you guys again for everything and encourage you all to keep doing what you're dong. You are all well appreciated. Although I know a lot of persons were in the background helping my process, I want to give special thanks to Ed Hyland, Claire Murphy, and Nina for a real dream come true. Thanks a million!