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Ed is an amazing agent! He worked very closely with me throughout the entire process and ensured that I received the best possible offer from the best client. Ed, thanks for your patience and invaluable assistance and support. People like you are why others continue to believe that life is still worth living. Continue to make a difference. I’ll be sure to tell all I know who are looking for overseas teaching jobs to come to Hourglass, specifically to Ed.

Many thanks also to Stephanie, who ensured that I had all the required documents. She never skipped a beat, and because of her, neither did I.

The team from Hourglass is a highly competent and caring one. They acted professionally throughout the process of my employment and kept me well informed on the progress of my application. 

What stood out for me using Hourglass was the warmth and compassion they extended. They didn’t simply walk me through the process, rather they held my hand. Thanks a million guys!!! Keep up the awesome work.

My experience at Hourglass has been a favourable one. 

The staff (mostly Claire and occasionally Steph) are reliable and honest from the initial introductory stage of the financial obligations, to the job offer, the initial move from Jamaica, to the settling in phase. Any questions that I had regarding my move was answered in a timely manner. No matter how simple or complex the query, Hourglass did their best assist.

Great service – attentive, informed, honest and efficient. Lots of supportive and nurturing advice which differentiates from other companies and makes a huge difference to the recruitment process. Thank you very much Ed!

Hourglass is the best teaching agency I’ve worked with. They’ve kept me in work, in schools I want to work in, and taken the hassle out of the application rigmarole. The team have taken the time to understand what I’m looking for in a role and are incredibly diligent at finding relevant opportunities. I’m certain they wouldn’t send me to a school unless they really thought I’d get on well there. 

Ed deserves a special mention for his frequent check-ins. He calls when he says he will, and is always knowledgeable and professional in his manner, but not without a sense of humour. It’s really reassuring to know that someone is looking out for me, and Ed’s advice always feels like he’s considering my best interests. I’d recommend hourglass to any teachers looking for work.

Hourglass offers an outstanding teacher recruitment service that I cannot recommend highly enough. Their efficient and personalized approach, combined with their extensive network and genuine concern for educators from anywhere in the world, make them a true dream team for both experienced teachers and
those entering the profession.

If you are looking for a teaching position that perfectly aligns with your qualifications and goals, look no further than Hourglass. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!

If you are ever thinking about relocating, Hourglass is the top tier organisation of choice. 

My agent Claire ensured all I needed was at my fingertips, and my transition from Jamaica was smooth and effortless. All the necessary documents, interviews and places to be were suggested with hassle-free instructions. Thanks to Hourglass for making my transition to the UK a success and smooth one.

Hourglass is a first class recruitment agency which provided me with the requisite information at all stages of the recruitment process. The team worked efficiently to ensure that relocating from Jamaica  was simple and straightforward. James and Claire are experts in their roles and will always go the extra mile to ensure that their clients are truly satisfied.

Types of roles we recruit overseas candidates for:

Long-term supply

Long-term supply provides a level of security without the teacher or the school committing indefinitely.

Permanent roles

The majority of the roles we work on are permanent teaching posts in secondary schools in the south east of England. 

Leadership roles

Ambition comes in all shapes and sizes. For some teachers, it’s all about the subject, but for others, moving up the career ladder means taking on management responsibilities.

Overseas teachers

Our role is to provide teachers with exactly what they need to relocate and thrive in the most exciting teaching opportunities in the UK.

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Wherever you are in your career, Hourglass is likely to have access to the opportunities which will help you make the next, important step.

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We’ve gathered our expertise to offer careers advice to help you throughout your job search. There’s everything from CV tips to interview advice, and plenty for overseas candidates preparing to relocate to the UK.