Schools offer temporary assignments for as many reasons as there are educational professionals! If you’re available immediately, there’s a good chance that a school will need you straight away.

Hourglass is part of Pertemps Education. Our colleagues there specialise in providing agile, energetic and reliable temporary teachers and support staff for schools and other education institutions.

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Short-term supply

For qualified teachers, supply teaching can open up a wide range of opportunities and experience.

It can add flexibility and diversity and reduce the responsibilities that permanent teachers sign up to.

Some teachers are reluctant to jeopardise having a predictable income and set timetable, but for others, the choice, flexibility and independence of day-to-day supply outweighs the perceived security of a permanent role.

Diverse experience

Building a career in one setting can certainly be rewarding, but can also feel restrictive for some people. Getting out and about to different schools gives teachers the opportunities to experience of good practice in action – and take it to the next assignment. Meeting new people and having positive, immediate impact is also brilliant for self-esteem, and many supply teachers find it personally and professionally rewarding.

Work/life balance

Day-to-day supply is great for education professionals going through a period of transition. For people returning to teaching – perhaps after being at home with children, or having tried a different career – supply assignments provide the opportunity to gain current, paid experience in an education setting.

Supply assignments can also help with the move towards retirement. Some teachers find it hard to turn their back on school life, but would rather reduce their level of commitment as time goes on.

Temp to Perm

If you’re thinking of relocating, or moving to a new area for personal reasons, supply teaching gives you the option of sampling schools, towns and particular roles before signing up on a permanent basis. When you’re making an informed choice, nothing can beat real experience within that context.

Long-term supply

Long-term supply assignments provide a level of security without being tied in to a school indefinitely. We have client schools throughout Essex and London who value long-term supply contracts for many different reasons. Many educational professionals find long-term supply to be a satisfying and stimulating way of accessing the classroom.