Mike, UK Teacher

“Confident professionalism.”

Ed at Hourglass has been an absolutely fantastic consultant to work with.

Throughout our conversations, he always maintained an air of confident professionalism, and seemed to possess an intuition for finding the most appropriate roles for his candidates. My case was no exception.

Ed has been very understanding of my fluctuating living and working conditions, and was always more than happy to provide workable solutions to many of the potential difficulties that arose because of them; at no point did I get the impression that he was finding it difficult to match my fairly specific requirements to his obviously comprehensive and well-maintained database of schools.

At this early stage in my teaching career, I don't think any other agency (or, for that matter, any other consultant) could have been so dedicated and meticulous as Ed has been in finding the most suitable roles, both for my strengths and for my areas of development.

The high level of service provided, as well as the friendly and professional conduct that underpinned all of our communications, has been extremely encouraging. I would certainly recommend Ed, and Hourglass, to any teachers who are considering using an agency to further their career in education.

I would like to personally thank Ed for all his hard work in securing the position I am due to start in the new term.