I signed up with Hourglass because it was recommended to me by another NQT Teacher.

I knew that my PGCE year was going to become busier from Easter onwards and my goal was to hopefully get a job before then. Josh Travis my consultant, has been my point of contact throughout this process. He has shown great attentiveness to understanding my needs. He has been friendly, polite and professional in his role.

On my first interview, Josh provided as much information as requested within a short period of time and he also shown initiatives in sharing additional information in preparation for the interview. He called me the day before to wish me good luck and called me moments after my interview to see how I was.

"This kind of service is infallible!"

This kind of service is infallible! He has been highly supportive in every step of the way, where he was always quick to respond with any queries I had.

To my luck and the immense support from Hourglass, I was offered the job (in March - sooner than expected)! From this experience, I have recommended Hourglass  to my PGCE friends. Thank you, Josh and Hourglass for the great service and support."

Jenny, NQT