Step 04 | Hourglass Education

At Hourglass, we put every effort into supporting our teachers with their relocation. We have written resources which are available to every teacher, but more importantly, by this stage, we know our teachers well. They can be confident that the support and advice they get is second to none, and they can rely on our hand-picked team members for support:

Personal consultant

Each teacher has a personal consultant who has worked with them throughout the recruitment process. They will be the first point of contact and will be able to help them with queries about their role, new school, and any induction or training sessions, etc.

Personal consultants also provide extensive support as teachers prepare to make the move to the UK. They will be able to advise on all the necessary arrangements such as accommodation, bank accounts, biometric residence permit and national insurance documentation. They will also keep in touch as the teacher settles into their new school.

Hourglass compliance team

Led by Claire Murphy, the compliance team ensures that teachers are legally compliant and ready to work in the UK.

They also provide support during the initial stages of a teacher’s relocation. At Hourglass, we know how important it is for teachers to understand what is involved in an international relocation, and understand that the best way for them to approach this positively and with confidence. Having an experienced support team with accessible resources really helps and encourages the teacher involved to take a proactive and independent approach.

School mentor

We strongly recommend that you assign a school mentor to each of your new teachers, ideally from the relevant department, and someone who has experience in supporting and inducting new staff.

We encourage schools to communicate directly with their teachers at this stage:

  • You may wish to share relevant schemes of work and any resources the department has to help the teacher in their first term.
  • Teachers will appreciate early sight of relevant policies such as behaviour management, safeguarding, planning and assessment, etc. so that they have the chance to gain an understanding of them in advance.

If you have more than one overseas teacher due to start with you, we may recommend that they ‘meet up’ virtually – establishing a peer group can be particularly useful.