Yaundeen, Overseas Teacher

“A knight in shining armour!”

My consultant’s infectious sense of humour, his palpable passion and personable character made him an indispensable asset to such an astute recruitment agency. He genuinely cared about me, doing the best for me and most importantly, working tirelessly to ensure that my wellbeing, health and happiness were preserved and perpetuated in the United Kingdom.

During the interview process, my consultant’s support was invaluable. His wisdom and professional expertise resonate in such a meaningful manner: I did not feel like just another candidate but a real human being with feelings, skill sets, dreams and aspirations– all of which he handled with care and respect.

I definitely saw my consultant as a knight in shining armour who rescues professional princesses like me and slays all my dragons of sponsorship and visa queries. Thank you Hourglass Education!