CC, Overseas Teacher

“I would definitely recommend this experience to other overseas teachers.”

My initial contact with Hourglass Education was through my Consultant, James, who expertly guided me through the recruitment process and then facilitated my smooth transition into the UK.

The interview with Hourglass Education was conducted in a professional manner but James made sure I felt relaxed and comfortable at all times. He made sure I had the information I needed at each phase of the recruitment process, including a Skype interview with the school which ultimately made me a job offer. Fortunately for me, James was also there to negotiate on my behalf and I was thrilled with the final package.

Hourglass also provided me with information and guidance before I moved – it really was spot on and made relocating to the UK much easier. Without this information I would certainly have struggled to settle in.

Adapting to the new expectations of my school seemed quite daunting – especially as we were expected to hit the ground running.  However, with perseverance and consultation, it got better over time.

I would definitely recommend this experience to other overseas teachers. However, it’s important to remember that flexibility and a willingness to adapt to a different culture is key to success.