Bea, Overseas Teacher

“Ed was so friendly and efficient and he also offered me honest advice when it came down to choosing between the two salary options the school offered me.”

I was not looking for Hourglass but they found me. I had spent quite some time looking for jobs and working on those tedious long applications to a number of different schools until Hourglass called me.

From the very beginning Hourglass was super-friendly, they offered personalised attention and they really did follow up on my case. I tried with other recruiting agencies but nothing happened with them so now I tell everyone about Hourglass.

As an English teacher but non-native speaker, I was applying for Spanish positions since that is my first language but I was getting no positive results in that search. Ed from Hourglass encouraged me to go for English positions even when I was very wary of doing so. In the end, it was Ed who did it for me.

From now on, I will definitely go through Hourglass. They offer a very professional, kind and caring service. Thanks Ed!