Qualified teacher status information for overseas international teachers coming to England UK

What is Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)?

At registration stage we will assess your eligibility for QTS.

Some candidates can apply for QTS if they are eligible via the EU Directive or the Mutual Recognition route.

Alternatively, QTS can be obtained once you are teaching in the UK via an Assessment Only programme.


Can I work in the UK if I don’t qualify for QTS?

Overseas degrees and teaching qualifications are respected and acknowledged by schools in England, as are the skills and expertise of the teachers.  Only a small handful of schools still have a QTS-only recruitment policy.  Many of our client schools embrace overseas teachers and will support the Assessment Only route to QTS.

Is there anything I can do to prepare for QTS prior to relocating to the UK?

To enrol on an Assessment Only programme, you must ensure you can meet the entry criteria. This may involve applying to the National Recognition Information Centre for the United Kingdom (UK NARIC) for a certificate of equivalency.

When you have your NARIC certificates, you will know if you are eligible to apply for an Assessment Only programme. If you do not meet the entry criteria, you will be told how you can ‘top up’ your qualifications.

Please note: The Assessment Only route to QTS cannot be started until you are teaching in the UK, in a school that is willing to support you.  You have four years from your first day teaching in England to obtain QTS and we advise that you do not start immediately. Your Assessment Only programme will include classroom observations, so it is important that you are settled in the UK, are familiar with the UK curriculum and have established positive relationships with your students.