Managing the financial requirements of international relocation

How much will a visa cost?

There is a charge for each visa – including any dependant visas. You may also be required to pay fees associated with the visa.

Visa costs:

  • Tier 5 – The Youth Mobility System - £244 per person
  • UK Ancestry Visa - £516 per person
  • Skilled Worker visa
    • Shortage occupation - £464 per person
    • Non-shortage occupation - £610 per person

Check the cost of visas in any currency:

What is the immigration healthcare surcharge?

You and your dependants are also required to pay an immigration healthcare surcharge (IHS) which is a contribution to the costs of the National Health Service.  This is a mandatory upfront cost which is paid as part of the visa application. 

Tier 5 – The Youth Mobility System - £470 per year from Autumn 2020

Skilled Worker visa – Sponsorship of Skilled Workers - £624 per year from Autumn 2020

How much will my relocation cost?

The cost of the visa, the Immigration Healthcare Surcharge and the maintenance funds are not the only costs to consider.

We quote a guide cost of £600-£700 for a one way flight ticket but the cost of flights can vary according to availability, time of year, airline and route.

You will also need enough money to pay for your UK living expenses until you receive your first month’s salary. These will include accommodation costs, groceries, travel, etc. To secure a rental property you will need to pay one to two month’s rent plus the same amount again as a deposit up front. Your salary will be paid to you one month in arrears.

We strongly advise that you have a minimum of £3,500 to fund your first month in England.  If you are relocating with dependants, your living costs are likely to be higher, and you should plan to have more money available.

How will I find living accommodation?

Some teachers ask us to find them a role close to UK family or friends, and we’re always happy to help.

If you’re moving independently, we will support you and provide you with the information and contacts you need to make suitable arrangements. Unfortunately, we are unable to secure accommodation on your behalf. Everyone is different, and choosing accommodation is a very personal decision.

If you like, we will introduce you to other Hourglass teachers relocating to the same area. This has worked well in the past, and teachers have got to know each other – some have even shared accommodation.