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Closing the doors of schools and offices over the past few months has been strange, to say the least.

I’ve been fortunate to have been able to stay in touch with many of my client schools and am proud that, at Hourglass, we were ahead of the Zoom curve. We’ve been using our very own video technology for some time – and it has been great seeing some of our more reluctant clients get on board. Video recently came into its own when I helped a teacher from Norwich with her planned relocation to London, right in the middle of the Covid-19 crisis.

Grabbing technology

I’ve also been impressed by the resourcefulness and versatility of our teachers – they’ve not only grabbed hold of the technology, but moved to virtual classrooms and switched to remote teaching methods pretty much overnight.

Catching up

Like many of our client schools, we’ve now moved into the next phase. We’re tentatively opening up again and sharing our working space with the rest of the team. If your students are anything like us, they will have missed day-to-day interaction, and we’ve all enjoyed catching up and re-establishing some of our working routines again. We’ve obviously had to incorporate new ones too - how did we ever manage without the hand sanitiser…?

The senior leaders I speak to on a regular basis have been keen to install their own hand sanitisers and welcome the school community back. It’s fortunate that running a school is a great training ground for setting a calm and friendly scene, regardless of the frantic planning that went on in the background. While there might be a rush to share the inevitable lockdown horror stories, most people – teachers, students and colleagues – will be more than ready to get going again. Haven’t we all had enough of the dystopian weirdness? There’s nothing we’d like more than to get back to work as best we can.

We’re not expecting it to be straightforward, though. We all know that some people will struggle with the rate of change as we come out of lockdown, or the sense of alarm that the infection control measures might bring. And of course it’s not just young people who are experiencing anxiety or hardship as a result of the crisis.

Practical and strategic

While schools have been coping with the strange hybrid experience of the past few months, we have been thinking how the work we do at Hourglass can help our client schools and contribute to what you are trying to achieve in the coming months. We know that, as senior leaders you’ll be busier than ever. We can help you find the right resources – the teachers you really need, on contracts that make economic, practical and strategic sense – to ensure that your teams can focus on planning and teaching the very best lessons they can.

We’ve all got a lot to get through, and our experience shows that when we work in partnership with the schools we get to know well, it can lead to pretty spectacular results.