10 Stars For Hourglass


Out of the blue

Hourglass consultants often talk about their ‘teacher-led’ approach to recruitment. Senior Consultant, Josh Travis, put this into practice recently when he saw a great CV online. Nicole, an NQT looking for a psychology teaching post, had already registered with two other agencies, but was delighted with Josh contacted her ‘out of the blue’.

Nicole had become ‘disillusioned with the whole process’. The other agencies did not communicate or follow up when she expressed an interest in possible positions, so Josh’s call ‘was a godsend!’.

Full marks

Nicole said ‘from the outset I realised that Josh was different. He was far more professional, attentive and engaging. There was a vast difference in the level of communication and support I received.’ Not only that, but his communication was consistent and he maintained contact throughout. Perhaps more impressive was Josh’s ability to quickly and efficiently understand what was important to Nicole: ‘he understood my personality and recognised the attributes and skills I would bring to that role – I knew he would effectively communicate this to potential employers’.

Good luck

Josh understood the need to support Nicole through this process. She appreciated the fact that he was readily available to her, and willing to give his time and full attention. Most importantly, she said, ‘he checked in to see how my preparation was progressing, and called the day before my interview to wish me good luck’.

Job well done

Of course, feedback like Nicole’s is exactly what we want to hear from our teachers. Josh didn’t just find her any job, but THE job! We know that she will recommend Hourglass to her friends and colleagues – newly qualified or teaches with more experience – and that makes us very happy indeed.

Why not contact us now, and see how our ‘teacher-led’ recruitment techniques can help you find your perfect role.