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We love getting feedback from our teachers – especially when their testimonials are positive.  We’re very proud of the extracts below, and we hope you find them useful.

There’s more feedback on the independent website ratemyteachingagency.com

Ed & diamondsI have been on the supply teaching circuit for several years and have worked for some unscrupulous agencies.  Thankfully, Hourglass are nothing like that.

Professionalism, honesty and transparency are words I would use to describe my experience and Ed has been an absolute diamond.  If I had a problem, he would deal with it swiftly and keep me in the loop.

I would recommend Hourglass to any potential supply teacher.  I now have a permanent job through Hourglass and I’m absolutely thrilled.  Thanks Ed!


Dan stands above other recruiters because he took a personal interest in my situation.  It was tricky too, because I wanted to be close to home and my sporting commitments.  I was also keen to work in a nice area in a good school.Dan polaroid

The Hourglass team provided me with fantastic support and resources, such as interview support and feedback.  After I accepted my offer, this support continued.  Claire, Dan and the team sent the documentation needed in a simple and effective manner.  It took very little of my time and energy to complete.  Dan successfully negotiated a rate that was higher than I was getting through other agencies and a start date that suited me.

I highly recommend Hourglass Education to any individual who is looking for a position.  They stand above other recruiters in my experience.


I have found Hourglass a wonderful team with fantastic hardworking and caring Consultants who went that extra mile to try and secure me the post I have been looking for.

My consultants were Sharon and Allison.  I could not hope for any further support or resourceful approach. They arranged interviews, offered helpful advice and finally secured the best contract for me.

Sharon and Allison were always friendly, kind and supportive, furthermore they responded promptly to my queries as well.  Tempest sister

I really appreciate the help and support Hourglass Education provided. Thank you very much.

Hourglass Education is extremely professional and caring. I felt confident they would place me in a school where I would be comfortable.  I appreciated the support and advice given.  After 6 years at my previous placement I found it nerve wrecking to start again.

As a result of the support I received, I’m happy I chose Hourglass Education.

From the very start of my connection with Hourglass the staff have been very helpful and considerate of my needs.  I have been with Hourglass Education as a mathematics teacher for some time.  The consultants have gone beyond the expectations associated with any organization. 

As far as I am concerned (and I have been with about 4 agencies so far) Hourglass Education has been the best.  Their professionalism, attention to detail and support and assistance is second to none.

I have no reservations about writing a testimonial and recommending Hourglass Education to teachers and schools alike.

I have not always had a good view of agencies having used them on a daily basis in a SLT role. However, due to a change of circumstances and personal reasons I have used Hourglass to secure me a role at a very good school.

Allison and Sharon Tempest are very approachable and they both have a good sense of humour. As a result they are very professional and go the extra mile.

I was happy to provide a testimonial because I would recommend Hourglass to any potential employer or teacher looking to secure a position.


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