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At Hourglass Education, we understand how difficult it can be to appoint the ideal teacher who can fulfil the unique needs and requirements of your school.

Schools are all unique educational institutions with a diversity of variables that interact to create particular individual needs. At Hourglass Education, being led and directed by two former Headteachers, we are very aware that each school requires individual teachers that reflect these needs and who are capable of delivering within that unique educational environment and setting.

It appears that in recent years schools have increasingly grown to appreciate the shortcomings of the traditional teaching post advert, which allows only a small window of opportunity for the possibility of a successful appointment; assuming that the perfect teacher will have found the time, stumbled across the advert, read it and submitted an application.

At Hourglass Education we believe that we are in a unique position; both directors of Hourglass are educationalists with direct experience at the chalk face, having held a variety of teaching positions within mainstream and private education, including key posts within senior management.

Our knowledge of the UK education system is derived from extensive employment as: teacher, deputy head, headteacher and LA advisor. In addition to this combined teaching experience of over 35 years, the directors also have a combined experience within education recruitment of over 20 years.

We believe that this gives us a comprehensive understanding of the needs of schools with regard to their most valuable resource, their teachers.

In addition we have an enhanced appreciation of the needs of our teachers; they too need to be matched to a school which fits their unique profile of experience and capabilities.

At Hourglass we pride ourselves on our matching abilities and it is this perception that we believe sets Hourglass education apart from many other teaching recruitment agencies

Hourglass specialises in short term, long term and permanent placements of teachers with appropriate experience teaching in the UK or overseas.

Our Service

We seek and attract qualified teachers from a variety of destinations around the world, many of whom are currently in the UK. Our thorough interview and vetting process ensures that the teachers we put forward for vacancies are of the highest calibre possible.

Once we receive a CV from an applicant teacher, we carry out an initial vetting exercise to ensure that the teacher is appropriately qualified and experienced.

We then conduct a thorough interview to ensure that we are fully conversant with the teacherís skills, abilities, experiences and qualifications; we aim to understand them as a teacher and a person so that we are able to submit their details to a vacancy which will match their strengths to the needs and requirements of the school.

Our emphasis is not on amassing many vacancies and finding teachers to fill the vacancies, but finding ideal vacancies for the excellent teachers we serve.

When a school shows a favourable response to an Hourglass teacherís details that they have received, if this interest is reciprocated by the teacher, we will arrange an interview, which will normally be face to face.

If this interview is successful and the school wish to appoint the teacher, we will discuss the best recruitment options for all concerned. This could be on a fixed term supply basis, a fixed term or permanent contract.

Types of work:

Short term position
A school may be looking for short term cover for an absence, perhaps due to illness or an unforeseen vacancy. This type of placement might last from one week up to one term. The daily rate charged by Hourglass will be competitive but will be discussed with the school and will depend upon the amount paid to the Hourglass teacher; this is dictated by the teacherís qualifications and experience.

Long term position
You may require extended temporary appointments on a supply basis, due to a variety of reasons such as: maternity cover, long term illness of a teacher, unfilled vacancies etc. This type of appointment might last from one term, to one year and beyond, giving you the security of a long term appointment to cover your vacancy. As with the short term position, this would involve the teacher being paid via Hourglass and we would invoice the school for payment. The daily rate charged by Hourglass will be competitive but will be discussed with the school and will depend upon the amount paid to the Hourglass teacher; this is dictated by the teacherís qualifications and experience.

Permanent or fixed term position on a school contract
Schools can experience difficulty making successful permanent appointment through the placement of adverts. Hourglass assists schools with making permanent teaching appointments; we will proactively search for a qualified, experienced teacher to fill your vacancy. If you accept a permanent teacher, Hourglass will charge a placement fee for this service. If the Hourglass teacher requires a Certificate of Sponsorship to accept this post, we will advise schools on how to acquire a licence.

Where a school opt to offer a fixed term or permanent contract to an Hourglass Education teacher our fee is 20% of the teachers agreed annual salary.

Moving from a temporary to a permanent position

Whilst working in a short term or long term post many of our teachers are given the opportunity to switch to a permanent contract. Many schools use the temporary placement as an opportunity to assess the teacher for consideration for a permanent position. Likewise many of our teachers prefer to be in a position where they can work in a school for a period of time prior to deciding if they wish to commit to a permanent contract. This allows both the school and the teacher the opportunity to make a decision with regard to a permanent placement, based on the experience of working with each other, ensuring that the teacher is able to match the needs of the school and the school is a suitable teaching environment for the teacher.

Hourglass fees for temporary to permanent

Where an Hourglass Education Teacher has been working in a school on supply through Hourglass Education and is subsequently offered and accepts a permanent position in the school, we consider this to be the a great endorsement of our teacherís expertise and our recruitment practices and a reduced recruitment fee is payable as follows:

  • During the first school term or 65 school days - 20% of total starting salary (including any allowance and additional points).
  • During the second school term or 130 school days - 15% of total starting salary (including any allowance and additional points).
  • During the third school term or 195 school days - 10% of total starting salary (including any allowance and additional points).
  • After three school terms or an academic year - there is no fee.

All we ask is that you notify us when an Hourglass Education Teacher has been offered and accepts a post with you and what their annual remuneration is.

Vetting and checking

We understand that the thorough vetting and checking of a teacher is absolutely crucial. We ensure that all teachers undergo a rigorous and complete vetting process so that we are fully satisfied of the veracity of every aspect of their application.

  • A detailed CV with no unexplained gaps
  • A formal teaching qualification (verified by NARIC where the teacher holds an overseas qualification)
  • Proof of QTS for any UK trained teacher or any overseas trained teacher who have attained this qualification
  • Two professional references, one of which must be from current/most recent post
  • ID verification in the form of a passport
  • Evidence of the right to remain and the right to work in the UK
  • All relevant and current criminal records checks, including enhanced CRB and overseas clearance where applicable

In the unlikely event of a regrettable incident taking place at your school involving an Hourglass teacher, you can be assured that we will strictly adhere to the Department for Educationís Incident Report guidelines. We will also provide all relevant documents required and attend any pertinent meetings or hearing.