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At Hourglass Education we provide our temporary teachers with a number of payment options.

The payroll process starts with a completed timesheet which should be accurately completed, dated and signed by the teacher.  It also needs to be authorised by the school’s signatory and then sent to us – usually digitally.

We will provide you with a personalised timesheet, completion guidance, a list of payment options and a request for payment information.

Payment through an Umbrella Company

Some teachers choose to be paid through an umbrella company.  This method enables teachers to take advantage of HMRC approved tax regulations.

We can provide a choice of approved umbrella companies. These have been fully audited and comprehensively vetted.

Pay As You Earn

Teachers can elect to be paid on a PAYE basis. Our associated payroll company will calculate and deduct all statutory tax and NI contributions for the teacher. Expenses cannot be claimed if teachers choose to be paid PAYE.

Self-employed or sole trader status

The law requires that ‘self-employment’, i.e. being a sole trader, is not permitted for agency workers; income tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs) must be deducted at source. In addition to this, sole traders face virtually unlimited liability. This means that their homes and other personal assets could be at risk.

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