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Appointing overseas trained teachers

At Hourglass, we assist schools with the appointment of teachers from the UK, but also from a variety of overseas destinations. We can fully appreciate the value of appointing teachers from overseas, who bring with them myriad educational, cultural and social experiences that can help to enthuse and inspire pupils and so further enhance their learning.

Overseas Trained TeachersWhen we submit the details of an overseas trained teacher to our client schools, we do not offer this application as a second best alternative to a UK trained teacher, but as a highly beneficial addition to a school’s most valuable resource, its teaching staff.

Once you inform us that you would be open to the idea of recruiting from overseas, we will send you some sample CVs so that you can start to appreciate the education, qualifications and teaching experience of the teachers we work with.

If you are seeking a single teacher to fill a specific vacancy, you may want to arrange a Skype or telephone interview with a registered Hourglass teacher, who has been fully interviewed and vetted by our team. You can then appoint your new recruit subsequent to this interview.

Once you have appointed your new teacher, whether this is on a long-term temporary basis or permanent contract, we will continue with our compliance process, ensuring that your teacher is fully compliant prior to commencing their teaching appointment with you.

Our preferred method of appointing from overseas is to organise a recruitment drive for you.  As few as three vacancies are required for us to consider this option. And certainly in a situation where a school or group of schools are seeking a larger number of teachers, we recommend that you opt to appoint teachers via a recruitment drive.

The recruitment drive scenario allows the headteacher or principal (or another representative with the authority to appoint) to accompany Hourglass representatives to a specified country to interview a large number of teachers and make appointments.

Recruitment drives

Once your Hourglass consultant has discussed this option with you and you are considering the recruitment drive as a means of appointing a number of teachers, Louise Brown, our Managing Director, will contact you and arrange to visit your school.  Louise will discuss the benefits of this recruitment option with you and any other school, cluster or academy group representatives within your group.

Benefits of working through Hourglass Education

Louise has arranged and led many overseas recruitment drives in recent years and has assisted with the appointment of thousands of overseas trained teachers, who have successfully relocated to the UK to take up a teaching position. Many of them remain in England now and hold positions throughout the education system, at every level.

Louise will spend time acquainting herself with your needs in order to tailor the drive so that it matches your requirements fully. She will suggest a destination country, dates and a timescale which will be dictated by the number of vacancies you have. After this initial visit you will continue to communicate with your consultant who will start to vet and interview appropriate teachers and draw up an interview schedule.

You can be as involved as you like – or even leave the initial stages to Hourglass entirely.  We have been offering this service for many years and know the process well.

We will organise, book and pay for the entire recruitment drive.  The only costs you will incur will be the fee for the appointment of each teacher.  This will be dictated by our Terms and Conditions, which will be agreed at the start of the process.

You will just need to attend the recruitment drive with Hourglass representatives, interview candidates and make hiring decisions.

A week before leaving you will be sent the CV, profile and references for each of your shortlisted candidates, so that you can start to acquaint yourself with them.

During the recruitment drive, we will take responsibility for all practical arrangements.  All you need to do is focus on interviewing and selecting the ideal teachers for your vacancies.

Most headteachers or principals who attend these drives elect to secure appointments while they are on location, with the exception of those interviewing on behalf of other schools or academies in the cluster of group.  In this situation the school not represented personally on the drive can conduct a further Skype interview with the candidate recommended by the headteacher present on the drive.

Making early appointments gives the teachers and us the maximum time to prepare for their relocation and ensures that your appointments are finalised in good time, so you can concentrate on running your school!

Support of your newly appointed teacher from overseas

We ask you to consider appointing from overseas as a long-term investment and not a short-term solution to your recruitment problem. You need to view the appointed teacher for the raw potential they can offer; they will have extensive teaching experience and subject knowledge, but will have no experience of the UK curriculum or the English culture.

Although we will be guiding and supporting them through the entire relocation process, once they are teaching in your school, we have to hand over responsibility for their professional development to you. You need to be prepared to support and encourage your newly appointed teacher, to provide them with an experienced mentor, to ensure that they have a full, comprehensive induction and ongoing support. We recommend that you allow them to settle in to the school and observe others teaching, perhaps in a team-teaching scenario prior to giving them their own classes and expecting them to deliver the curriculum on a par with other teachers with extensive experience of teaching in the UK.

Teachers who we recruit from overseas are intending to stay in the UK for a long time and want to develop their professional competence gained in their home countries to be successful professionals in the UK education system. However, in order to reach their potential, they will need commitment and support from the schools which appoint them.

In the last academic year we have taken a large number of principals overseas and have appointed nearly 200 teachers, who are now settling in to their new lives, teaching in the UK.

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