Day-to-Day Supply Teachers


Ever since we opened for business, Hourglass Education has focused on long term supply and permanent placements.  Our client schools rely on our ability to find them the best teachers possible.

We are delighted to announce that by popular demand we will now be expanding the services we offer!

 Day-to-Day Collage

Daily supply desk

Not only have we opened a daily supply desk, but we have also expanded our geographical reach.  We are now working with client schools across the North of England.

Many of the schools we work with have short term absences to cover.  These could be anything from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.  We are now able to meet these requirements.

We know lots of well-qualified and experienced teachers who choose not to commit to long term teaching positions.  Day-to-day, short term contracts are perfect for this group of people.

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Sandra is exactly the sort of teacher we’re talking about.  She worked ‘on the supply circuit for several years’ and came across some pretty ‘unscrupulous agencies’.

Thankfully, Sandra says ‘Hourglass are nothing like that’.

Professionalism, honesty and transparency

Sandra found that problems were dealt with swiftly, and that she was kept in the loop.  The best thing is that Sandra ‘would recommend Hourglass to any potential supply teacher’.  She is absolutely thrilled with the service she has received and unsurprisingly, we are delighted to hear it!

We encourage our teachers to provide honest and impartial feedback.  They often choose to post comments on Rate My Teaching Agency where we are consistently in the top 5 agencies.  There’s more feedback online.

Get in touch

Tel:  01422 524 005

We have a specialist team working on day-to-day supply.  Together, they provide excellent local knowledge, a wide variety of skills and most of all, great relationships with our client schools.

Sharon Tempest
Lina Begum
Claire Murphy