Day-to-Day Supply Teachers

Considering short-term supply?  It makes sense to use an agency with a strong track record

Hourglass Education uses its proven expertise to place daily supply teachers

It has been a while since Louise Brown, Managing Director of Hourglass Education, has taken a register or marked homework.  Rather, she decided to combine her proven teaching track record with her sense of entrepreneurialism.  The result?  A successful and unique education recruitment business and a group of hand-picked consultants who are committed to matching the key attributes of their teachers to the essential requirements of the client school.

Great teachers

‘My starting point has always been teachers – every head knows if you don’t have great teachers, you don’t have a great school’ says Louise, ‘and now, more than ever, schools are keen to open their doors to the people they know will make a difference in their classrooms’.  At Hourglass Education, Louise has made it her business to understand her client schools and what they need.  In recent years this has meant focusing on long-term supply and permanent teaching posts.  In 2018, however, Louise can see the market is evolving.  ‘We’re used to helping our client schools with their recruitment needs.  We take time getting to know them, so we can introduce them to teachers who are a great fit and who will contribute to the strength of the school – this is equally important in short-, medium- or long-term assignments.’

Great flexibility

Schools are now asking Hourglass Education for help when they experience times of high pressure when only short-term access to well-qualified teachers at short notice will do. ‘Short-term supply can be a great option for some teachers’ says Louise, ‘I know people who relish the freedom to swoop in to help at short notice.  The focus is on the immediate classroom need rather than lesson planning, marking and pastoral duties. Of course, others enjoy being able to take time off during term time’. Hourglass Education is keen to accept applications from all teachers, particularly those who would like the flexibility of day-to-day supply.

Great experience

Hourglass consultants understand that each teacher is an individual and have specific needs and expectations of their next supply role.  They provide an excellent sounding board and will be able to offer objective advice – whether it’s about a particular school, or to remind you that it’s a good idea to carry your own tea bags and whiteboard markers wherever you work.  First and foremost we want to make sure you carry on being great in the classroom, make a positive impact in the school and enjoy what you do.

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Sandra is exactly the sort of teacher we’re talking about.  She worked ‘on the supply circuit for several years’ and came across some pretty ‘unscrupulous agencies’.

Thankfully, Sandra says ‘Hourglass are nothing like that’.

Professionalism, honesty and transparency

Sandra said that Hourglass dealt with any problems swiftly, and that she was kept in the loop.  The best thing is that Sandra ‘would recommend Hourglass to any potential supply teacher’.  She is absolutely thrilled with the service she has received and we are delighted to hear it!

We encourage our teachers to provide honest and impartial feedback.  They often choose to post comments on Rate My Teaching Agency where we are consistently in the top 5 agencies.  There’s more feedback online.

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