Blue Sky Thinking – Day-to-Day Supply


Supply Clouds Graphic - Blue skies NO LOGOSWith a background in education, Louise Brown, Hourglass Education’s Managing Director is fully aware that it’s not always easy ensuring each class has the teacher it needs.

So Louise’s ears pricked up when a technology company got in touch to introduce their new recruitment platform.

Supply Clouds provides a single point of contact for a school – allowing them to post vacancies and communicate with Hourglass Education when it is convenient.

The exciting thing is that the school has a single point of contact. Using a unique dashboard they have access to Hourglass Education’s in-depth local knowledge and great relationships with teachers.

In addition, the system cleverly harnesses GPS data to supplement Hourglass Education’s assessment of a teacher’s suitability for any given assignment.

We’re impressed and we think you will be too.

Click here for contact details and  more information.

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