The Cream of the Crop – Early Feedback from Kingston

Our recruitment drive is now well under way.  Five members of the Hourglass Education team are delighted to be meeting almost 100 pre-selected interview candidates in Kingston, Jamaica. In addition to a thorough, professional interview, each candidate will be briefed about what their particular relocation plans should entail.  Their personal circumstances will dictate how best to

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Hourglass Education’s global talent search

Hourglass Education Managing Directors, Geoff and Louise Brown will be travelling to Jamaica on Wednesday 8 February. Geoff, Louise and the Hourglass team will be running an intensive recruitment drive in Kingston.  Around 100 pre-selected teachers will be interviewed.  The majority of those shortlisted are subject specialists in Maths, Science or English. In order to

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Praise indeed!

Recruitment consultants often get bad press. Critics often focus on their eagerness to talk the talk without really listening to the person in front of them.  A flexible teacher who’s prepared to travel and isn’t daunted by challenging behaviour or a ‘room for improvement’ Ofsted rating is obviously a gift for the team at Hourglass.

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So, Justine Greening – when is a cut not a cut?

In 2010, when British politicians were heading towards their election campaigns, ‘austerity’ was the movement du jour. Greece hung around like the spectre at the feast and Europe appeared to be holding its breath to see whether its other member states would suffer a similar fate. Since then the European Central Bank has helped to

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Is January the darkest month of the year?

It’s no secret that the 21st December, the winter Solstice, is the shortest day of the year.  With less than 8 hours of sunlight, this day is almost 9 hours shorter than the longest day in June.  It’s amazing that this doldrums-day seems to pass, almost unremarked – outside Wiltshire at least! In fairness, there’s usually

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Clear as mud: public schools, charitable status and accountability

Typically opaque, the English language persistently misleads in its education terminology.  It seems incredible now that the public schools such as Eton, Harrow and Rugby were founded to provide poor children with access to education, regardless of their religion, parental occupation or home location. Whilst fees and prestige have undoubtedly increased, these elite schools have

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Sir Michael, We’re Missing You Already!

Regardless of your role or interest in education, the chances are that Sir Michael Wilshaw will have said something that has made your ears prick up over the last few years. Wilshaw has not been known for pulling his punches during his tenure as Ofsted chief. He set the tone early on when he answered

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London, UK - April 5, 2015: Famous taxi cab (hackney) an a street in London, UK. A hackney or hackney carriage (a cab, black cab, hack or London taxi) is a carriage or automobile for hire.

Routes into Teaching – There’s a new middle-aged kid on the block

Lucy Kellaway, the much-admired Financial Times columnist, is launching a charitable organisation Now Teach, to encourage people to make the move from a non-teaching career into the classroom. Kellaway is not simply working with co-founder Katie Waldegrave to launch Now Teach, she is also taking the plunge herself, taking on a training role at one

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The grammar school debate rumbles on…

Is this simply a reflection of the global zeitgeist? Earlier this month, The Guardian reported on the ‘vehement opposition’ to grammar schools expressed by all 64 state-maintained secondary heads in Surrey. The UK Government has stated its belief that increasing the number of grammar schools will increase the number of good school places, and improve

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