Great feedback! Stop it now, you’re making us blush!

Believe it or not, our teachers talk to us! And whether it’s positive or less than glowing, we do like to get their feedback.  Apart from anything else, listening to their likes and dislikes tells us what we’re doing well, and where changes need to be made. Tricky demands and needs One of our Consultants,

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More change for schools?

The Government also floated the prospect of a National Funding Formula for Schools (NFF) at the end of 2016. And that really threw the cat amongst the pigeons! The party line included the plan to address gaps in school funding created by geography. It advocated a new method to distribute cash and give more than 10,000 schools more money. 9,000 schools will get less than they are used to.

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Old hat or true meritocracy?

I don’t know if you agree, but it feels like the grammar school debate has been rumbling on forever. It is true that selective grammars are still going strong in my part of Yorkshire.  As a result, this discussion is very much alive and kicking amongst the parents I know.  Not only that but Theresa

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Reach for the stars – the sky’s the limit with STEM subjects

We seem to have been thinking about STEM subjects a lot recently. This may be because our client schools are reflecting the talk on social media and in the press that physics, chemistry and maths teachers are in short supply.  The numbers are even more alarming when the spotlight focuses on females, post 16, studying

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Running on Empty

It has been a busy few weeks for Education journalists. In truth, the issue of the National Funding Formula (NFF) has been rumbling on since January and throughout February. One of the problems seems to be a lack of agreement on the numbers.  Teaching unions have worked with DfE figures but their conclusions are drastically

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The Next Instalment – Feedback from Kingston

Well, the Hourglass Team came to Kingston, they saw, and did they conquer?  We wouldn’t go that far, but they certainly met some interesting teachers.  The comments below are extracts taken from Louise and Geoff Brown’s interview notes, and highlight a small selection of the maths teachers they interviewed. She sees maths everywhere she looks

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The Cream of the Crop – Early Feedback from Kingston

Our recruitment drive is now well under way.  Five members of the Hourglass Education team are delighted to be meeting almost 100 pre-selected interview candidates in Kingston, Jamaica. In addition to a thorough, professional interview, each candidate will be briefed about what their particular relocation plans should entail.  Their personal circumstances will dictate how best to

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Hourglass Education’s global talent search

Hourglass Education Managing Directors, Geoff and Louise Brown will be travelling to Jamaica on Wednesday 8 February. Geoff, Louise and the Hourglass team will be running an intensive recruitment drive in Kingston.  Around 100 pre-selected teachers will be interviewed.  The majority of those shortlisted are subject specialists in Maths, Science or English. In order to

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