Who provides your reference – friend or foe?

How can you tell? As recruitment consultants, we act as middlemen, honest brokers working in the space between teachers and schools, applicants and referees. Happily, we rarely experience a conflict of interest as we get to know our client schools, our teachers and the schools they come from. Just like schools, we operate within a

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Hilarious history resources come of age

There must be a growing population of budding history scholars who have been touched by Terry Deary and Martin Brown’s extensive canon of work. On the face of it, Horrible Histories seem insubstantial.  It looks like they’re based on prurient nosiness and the beastly, gory, savage and gruesome side of historical story telling.  In fact, as

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Excellent teachers – can they afford to be extraordinary?

In a climate where targets rule, it must be hard for the eccentric to be deemed excellent teachers and to flourish within English schools. It’s counter-intuitive, though, because most of us would agree that the mavericks are the most memorable people in our classrooms. Hector vs Irwin – is it even a fair fight? Alan

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Blowing our own trumpet!

It’s been a busy few months at Hourglass Education, and our Recruitment Consultants have been working hard.  Here’s a selection of the feedback Allison Travis (nee Tempest) has been given. I was unaware as to how efficient and supportive an agency could be. A friend recommended that I should sign up with Hourglass Education and

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Banish boredom wherever you are this summer!

Keep the little grey cells occupied during the long summer holidays West Yorkshire – Halifax Welcome Weekend @ The Piece Hall The Piece Hall, Halifax has undergone an extensive redevelopment – it took 3 years and cost several million pounds.  At last it is now open to the public.  Organisers launched the programme of events on Yorkshire Day,

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Here comes the sun (with any luck!)

Hands up who likes summer?! What’s not to like? Waking up to sunshine and natural warmth is a great start. The sunshine is also a firm foundation for health and wellbeing benefits which come in the summer months. Downside There is a downside, though, and one that teachers may dread more than others. This was identified in

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Great feedback! Stop it now, you’re making us blush!

Believe it or not, our teachers talk to us! And whether it’s positive or less than glowing, we do like to get their feedback.  Apart from anything else, listening to their likes and dislikes tells us what we’re doing well, and where changes need to be made. Tricky demands and needs One of our Consultants,

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More change for schools?

The Government also floated the prospect of a National Funding Formula for Schools (NFF) at the end of 2016. And that really threw the cat amongst the pigeons! The party line included the plan to address gaps in school funding created by geography. It advocated a new method to distribute cash and give more than 10,000 schools more money. 9,000 schools will get less than they are used to.

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Old hat or true meritocracy?

I don’t know if you agree, but it feels like the grammar school debate has been rumbling on forever. It is true that selective grammars are still going strong in my part of Yorkshire.  As a result, this discussion is very much alive and kicking amongst the parents I know.  Not only that but Theresa

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