Finding happiness in the darkest of times

It’s no secret that the 21st December, the winter Solstice, is the shortest day of the year.  With fewer than 8 hours of sunlight, it is almost 9 hours shorter than the longest day in June.  It’s amazing that this doldrums-day seems to pass, almost unremarked, when surely it’s a source of happiness in itself.

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Winter in England

UK immigration rules have changed!

Are you still hoping to fill vacancies in English, Humanities & Business? Changes to Immigration Rules means recruiting non-shortage subject teachers from overseas is now possible Over the last eight months demand for Tier 2 Restricted Certificates of Sponsorship (CoS) has increased significantly. The monthly allocation of restricted certificates has been reached every month since November 2017. 

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Relocation – moving for the right school

We’d like to help you find the perfect job in the perfect school.  Unless you’re very lucky, that might not be just down the road.  You might find yourself house hunting in the next few months, and here are our tips for successful relocation: Location If you’re moving to be close to a new school, think

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Going it alone as an NQT? Fear not, help is at hand

Let’s hope teacher training has been going according to plan.  You’ve been wonderfully supported by mentors, teacher colleagues.  Other members of school staff have been eager to offer their help too…? How are you feeling about the prospect of a ‘proper’ teaching job?  On the plus side, you’ll be able to develop your own teaching

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Behaviour management

It’s safe to say that becoming a teacher can be challenging.  No one would deny that there’s lots to consider – lesson plans, subject knowledge, educational issues for starters.  And that’s without mentioning the students!  At the forefront of a classroom teacher’s mind is the need to prevent disruption and maintain good discipline to facilitate students’

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All about you - Blog

Stand out from the crowd – how to write the perfect CV

Producing a good CV should be like answering a well-revised exam question.  It’s ok – even encouraged – to show off!  Believe it or not, this doesn’t come naturally to everyone… Even if you’re just starting out on your teaching career, it’s important to remember that you have a lot to offer.  When you’re writing

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The right fit – finding the right NQT school for you

It may not be rocket science – or even A-level physics – but taking the right first step in a career is crucial.  Especially for NQTs.  The right choice builds solid career foundations, but get it wrong, and life in your first year of teaching suddenly becomes a whole lot harder. There’s no getting away

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Hilarious history resources come of age

There must be a growing population of budding history scholars who have been touched by Terry Deary and Martin Brown’s extensive canon of work. On the face of it, Horrible Histories seem insubstantial.  It looks like they’re based on prurient nosiness and the beastly, gory, savage and gruesome side of historical story telling.  In fact, as

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Excellent teachers – can they afford to be extraordinary?

In a climate where targets rule, it must be hard for the eccentric to be deemed excellent teachers and to flourish within English schools. It’s counter-intuitive, though, because most of us would agree that the mavericks are the most memorable people in our classrooms. Hector vs Irwin – is it even a fair fight? Alan

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Blowing our own trumpet!

It’s been a busy few months at Hourglass Education, and our Recruitment Consultants have been working hard.  Here’s a selection of the feedback Allison Travis (nee Tempest) has been given. I was unaware as to how efficient and supportive an agency could be. A friend recommended that I should sign up with Hourglass Education and

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